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Nani's Munchmallow cake

Sweet, rich chocolatey and moissst. Say hello to my sister's fantastic Munchmallow cake.

My sister used to make this cake all the time when we still at our parents' house. I was not a fan as a kid because of that gooey egg white layer. I hated everything with meringue, too.

But the first time I tried to make it myself, I added in more cocoa powder than the original recipe called for, and spiced it up with salt flakes to bring out the richness of the chocolate. And it turned out sooo good! Proud to say that if I owned a bakery, this cake would be a staple. Super easy to make, but still tastes heavenly!



For the batter

8 egg yolks

200 ml oil

400 ml milk

400 ml flour

400 ml powder sugar

12 g baking powder

7 tsp cocoa powder

pinch of salt

For the marshmallow layer

8 egg whites

16 Tbsp sugar

pinch of salt

For the glaze

100 g dark chocolate

100 g butter, salted is fine too

Maldon salt flakes


To make the batter

Beat egg yolks together with powder sugar using an electric mixer, add in milk and flour in small portions, by alternating the ingredients. Mix in the oil, add the baking powder and cocoa powder. Pour into a well-greased and floured baking pan (I used 35 x 24 cm) and bake at 200°C for about 25 min or until a tooth pick poked in the middle of the batter comes out clean. The batter should just be done, avoid drying it out!

To make the marshmallow fluff

Beat egg whites with the sugar until well combined. Don't worry, this mix will not form stiff peaks. Even out with a cream spatula, and remove any bubbles. Pour marshmallow onto the baked cake, and dry at 100°C for 15 min or until the fluff has stiffened as is not runny.

To make the glaze

Melt the chocolate together with the butter above a water bath. It should be completely smooth and shiny.

To assemble the cake

Pour glaze over the marshmallow layer and smooth out using a spatula. Once it has cooled a bit (but is still warm) sprinkle with salt flakes and cut slices with a sharp knife. It tastes delicious right away, but chilled for a day is my favorite way to eat this cake.

Enjoy the sugar rush! :)


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